Dayanand Matth

Dayanand Matth Dinanagar was established in the year of 1938 by our poojya Swami Swatantranand Saraswati Ji. He devoted his whole life for the uplift of education level of econimically backward area of district gurdaspur called Dinanagar. He believed that only education can help people to eradicate poverty. He devoted his whole life for the independance of our Country. Dayanand Matth formally registered under the Indian Trust Act in 2001. Among its multifarious activities the Matth has been instrumental in providing necessary managerial and functional input and established a number of Educational Institutions, School and Colleges in and around Dinanagar, Poojya Swami Sarvanand Ji, who succeeded Swami Swatantranand Ji, as the head of Matth, was an inspiring soul and a great visionary. He was of the firm belief that the Youth of this relativity under development region of the state needs to be empowered through quality professional education, During his life time, SSIMT was established in 1999. Under the leadership and blessing of Swami Sadanand Ji, the Present President of Matth, two Institutions namely Swami Sarvanand College of Education (SSCE) and Swami Sarvanand Institute of Engineering and Technology (SSIET) were founded in 2005 and 2009 respectively. These institutes are the template of knowledge in sacred memory of Swami Sarvanand Ji - A noble soul. The corner stone of any enterprising and progressive society is strong fundamental education that empowers its youth to take risks, innovate and have the courage of their convictions to pursue their dreams and achieve success. At SSGI, it is our endeavor to groom out young professionals equipped with requisite skills and possessing contemporary technical knowledge t keep pace with the rapid and path breaking technical development and employable in the higly competitive job market. These are small steps but the journey to translate Swami Ji's vision into reality continues. We have been reasonable successful to spark the light technical education in this educationally and economically backward border district of the state.