Code of Conduct & Hostel Rules

All the students must attend the college in proper dress. Boys & Girls must come in trousers and shirts. Half Pants are not permitted in the college, rather it will be treated as an act of indiscipline. The entry of the students to the college will be strictly though the Identity Cards. Nobody can enter the Campus with a covered face or with his/her helmet on. Nobody is allowed to enter the college Campus in a drunken condition. Alcohol testers/breathe analyzers will be used. The Student is required to attend 75% of the lecture for a particular course to make him/her eligible to appear in end semester examination Students are expected to be punctual for classes and other organized activities in the campus. In the workshop all the students must wear prescribed uniform. Students using unfair means in University or other College examination or class tests will be liable to expulsion from the College or to any other disciplinary action in addition to any penalty, the University College authorities may decided to impose. Drinking and smoking is prohibited in the college as well as in the hostels. Ragging is strictly banned in the college premises & Hostel Strict action will be taken against the defaulters. suspension/withdraw from hostel/collegethat can be taken by the college authorities. Students availing Bus service are required to carry the Bus pass at all times during transit and produce the same as and when the concerned authorities asked for it. Students should maintain proper discipline in the college campus. The students shall be responsible for the loss of college property. Damage of any college property shall be recovered from the concerned student.
The rules contained in the prospectus are for better management of the hostels and for creating a clean and secure atmosphere for academic advancement of students. Students are expected to attend all classes in time.. Students are NOT permitted to stay in their room if he/she has a class. Substance abuse, consumption of alcohol and smoking or chewing of tobacco and its related products is stricticly banned in the hostels and in the college campus. Cooking in the hostel room in not permitted All hosteliers are requested to eat in the Mess. Menu is decided by the mess committee Dean students Affair's Chief Warden / Warden or any College Authority can inspect any room at any time. Absence from hostel for the whole night without prior permission from the hostel. The hostellers are allowed to leave the hostel on holiday after putting the necessary entry in movement register available in respective hostel with hostel servant/Security guard. Entry in the hostel will not be allowed beyond 08:30 PM in case of Boys Hostels. The timing for girl's hostels will be notified by the hostel wardens in consultation with the principal. The students shall be responsible for the loss of college property issued or provided in the hostel. Damage of any hostel property shall be recovered from the concerned resident. Students admitted under Sikh minority category are required to maintain their Sikh Saroop and Tradition. Anybody violating the undertaking given at the time of admission will be expelled from the college. Hostel residents are at liberty to meet their wardens or the Dean Student Welfare and time to sort out the difficulties, if any